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who even cares.
Destructive Not Productive

it feels weird being alone but also way too familiar..


gaaah. Maty changed the time to meet up at dtown til 2ish I was all dressed up alrdy.
me, jus dickin around as i wait & i don’t wanna change again.  blahh

omg qt boi alert


The lovely Hoya Vine I have growing in my back yard <3 there’s always at least one cluster of buds at some different stage in the blooming process

oh and alister’s roommate asked my pronouns and i was so happy she did that it made me feel good and she’s so adorable and her hair is awesome agh

ok so i finally toned my hair and i think i should’ve probably lightened it one more time but my formulation was p on point. so go me woo


Ene Liis Semper, ”Oaas” - 1999