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*~*they/them or he/his*~*

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Destructive Not Productive

needs a shower looks


minus something by swans

there’s been a lot of upsetting, very upsetting things that i can’t allow to happen any more. i have to be like a soldier and march away. ‘cause i’m very delicate in a lot of ways, and things get to me, affect me in a very adverse manner. i don’t need that, don’t need that. i feel now like minus something, you know, i feel faded. i don’t feel like i’m all here. i think it’ll come back, i hope it’ll come back. there’s a lot of color missing from the way i feel, and from my face, you know, just everything. there’s some kind of zest or some kind of… life, you know, that seems to be faded temporarily because i’ve been so drained emotionally from a number of things. that has to slowly build back up, it has to be kept sustained. it can’t be allowed to be diminished.

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Hair game : on point.


Bro, We Are Gay. Problem?