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Destructive Not Productive


separate myself 
separate my soul
break free
separate my soul
there’s a place for me
separate myself
away away away

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white feminists needa learn that wearing wtvr u want just doesnt stop at crop tops and shorts. let desi women out in salwar kameez. let muslim women out in hijabs.let african women wear caftans. let women of color out in public without getting harassed.

tryna do some stick n pokes and they’re not coming out yeah ok


Dark-Winged Angels: Roberto Ferri


You can’t pick and choose what parts of feminism you want. You can’t support your queer sisters but not your trans sisters. You can’t support your fat sisters but not your sisters of colour. Being a feminist means creating a positive and equal space for women. The second you start excluding women based on which characteristics you do or do not find appealing you have defeated the whole point of being a feminist.


*cis person voice* i’m genuinely curious